Gastronomy consulting
Delight guests with ambience, culinary delights and excellent service

Our expertise in gastronomy consulting enables restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels to improve their service quality, increase sales and optimize the efficiency of their operations. We offer customized consulting services that ideally meet your needs.

How do you benefit from a consultation?

Increased efficiency

Consulting can help streamline operations and enable faster service times, resulting in better resource utilization and cost savings.

Guest satisfaction

Expert advice helps to improve the guest experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction, positive reviews and repeat customers.

Increased sales growth

Through strategic menu design, effective marketing and improved service quality, a restaurant consultancy can drive sales growth.

Building brand strength

Building a strong corporate identity and brand presence that sets the company apart from the competition and increases brand awareness.

Focal points

We evaluate your business situation, give you an overview of your current situation and support you in setting up an effective calculation scheme.

We analyze your current business practices, identify strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to improve performance.

Keep your finger on the pulse and use current market trends to your advantage.

From the reception to the perfect service to saying goodbye to your guests – we help you perfect every aspect of the guest experience.

Whether you want to set up a new company and create a unique concept or standardize and expand an existing concept, we will provide you with the necessary foundation and lend a helping hand throughout the entire process.

Get to know individual excerpts from our services:

Behind every click is new knowledge.

Concept development

Development of your unique concept that strengthens your brand and sets you apart from the competition.

Marketing strategies

Customized marketing plans to increase your visibility and attract new guests.

Financial planning

Advice on cost management and pricing strategy to optimize your financial results.

Hygiene concepts

Review of hygiene concepts to comply with legal requirements and strengthen guest confidence.

Creation of a corporate identity

Develop a strong brand identity that is characterized by a unique visual concept, brand values and a brand voice. Create a unique presence in the gastronomy landscape and stand out from your competitors.

We would be happy to advise you in advance on your requirements without obligation.

Calculate profitably

Cost of goods sold ratio

In the catering industry, precise costing is crucial to operating successfully and profitably. Nevertheless, we often find that many restaurateurs do not have a clear idea of how much food or drink needs to be sold in order to make a profit. A structured food and beverage calculation, supported by proven rules of thumb, helps to determine these critical key figures. A key aspect of this is the cost of goods sold ratio, which measures the proportion of costs for raw materials and ingredients in relation to sales. Controlling and optimizing this quota is essential in order to run the business profitably and offer high-quality products at the same time. We support you in optimizing your costing and bringing the use of goods to an ideal level.

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Gastronomieberatung Speisenkalkulation

Everything you need for your business plan

Our services include the comprehensive creation and editing of content for your business plan. We work closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your project is thoroughly covered. Our expertise enables us to deliver customized content that can be used for an initial assessment, as a detailed guide to your business strategy or as a stand-alone document for funding applications to banks and investors. We are committed to ensuring that your business plan not only reflects your vision, but also meets the requirements of potential investors.

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Hotel consulting

Is your restaurant just one facet of your hotel?

We are happy to support and advise you in other areas of your business.