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We are often asked:

Is print media still up to date?

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Magazin Design und Printmedien für Unternehmen

Six reasons why the answer is "YES":

Advertising to touch

Printed materials such as brochures, posters, and flyers provide a physical experience. They can be touched, flipped through and kept, creating a lasting connection to the brand.

Marketing in everyday life

Print and print media as well as advertising space take place in the everyday life of your target group and away from social media. In this way, they are better burned into memory because they are associated with a concrete situation.


Haptics create credibility and trust, because printed media give the impression that more care and resources have been invested in production. This suggests a certain seriousness.

Less distraction

Compared to digital media, people are less distracted by physical ads because they are not affected by pop-ups or other disruptions of the digital world.

Longer life

Printed materials can last longer and tend to stay with the target audience longer. Unlike social media ads, which are more fast-moving.

Target group selection

Targeted print media can be distributed and used at specific locations or events that online ads cannot tie into.

From design to organization

Printing and print media from a good source

Print and print media are your business card and figurehead in the everyday life of your customers and guests. Especially here should be placed on a coherent overall impression and high quality.

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