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At the heart of every great company story is passion, vision and the desire to break new ground. Ascensus GmbH, founded in January 2024, is a shining example of these principles. The roots of Ascensus lie in the successful cooperation and expertise of a renowned consulting firm. At the end of 2023, four dedicated employees of this company decided to take a new direction and contribute their unique ideas and skills to their own company.
Ascensus Consulting stands on the shoulders of these many years of experience and at the same time focuses on fresh perspectives and independent decision-making. The transition was a natural step for the founding members, motivated by the desire to develop individual and creative solutions for their clients. At Ascensus, we firmly believe that innovative approaches and independent thinking open up new horizons.

The decision to establish Ascensus reflects our commitment to excellence and customized advice. We are proud of our origins and grateful for the years of valuable experiences and learning opportunities. We are now looking forward to the future and look forward to writing new success stories together with our clients.

Ascensus Beratung GmbH is more than just a consulting company - it is a symbol of courage, innovation and belief in the potential of independent paths.

Ascensus Vision

Our vision

At Ascensus, we pursue a vision that transcends the boundaries of traditional consulting and builds a synergetic bridge between consulting, marketing and interim management. We believe that the future of consulting lies in an integrated, holistic approach that encompasses both strategic and operational excellence.

Innovative consulting

We strive to be pioneers in the consulting industry by offering customized and forward-looking solutions. Our aim is not only to support companies in identifying and analyzing challenges, but also to play an active role in implementing strategies and achieving long-term goals. By using innovative technologies and methods, we aim to help our customers achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantages.

Revolutionary marketing

In the area of marketing, we rely on creative and data-driven strategies to strengthen brands and maximize the visibility of our clients. We see marketing as a central pillar for business success and focus on developing customized campaigns that make effective use of both digital and traditional channels. Our vision is to push the boundaries of what is possible in marketing and help our clients reach and inspire their target groups in the most innovative ways.

Efficient interim management

At Ascensus, we see interim management as a key component of agile and flexible business management. Our experts not only bring in-depth expertise in their respective industries, but also specialize in acting quickly and efficiently in leadership roles. We offer our clients the opportunity to benefit from experienced managers who take on temporary leadership positions to facilitate transitions, manage change and lead critical projects to success.

What we stand for

We stand for creating an ecosystem in which consulting, marketing and interim management are not isolated services, but interlocking components of a comprehensive, dynamic and customer-oriented consulting approach. We strive to support our customers not only as consultants, but also as long-term partners on their path to success and innovation.

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Robert Reznizak

Robert Reznizak

Strategie 97%
Finances 94%
Food / Beverage 90%
Hotel management 92%
Language: Tacheles 100%
Controlling 87%
Good to know:

From the hunting ground to the conference room, Robert Reznizak brings family and career together at Ascensus as a versatile visionary.

Robert Reznizak, the versatile visionary of Ascensus, skillfully masters the balance between his profession as a consultant and managing director and his role as a committed family man. At weekends, he swaps the office for the great outdoors, where he relaxes as a passionate hunter in the Sauerland. This combination of professional success, family dedication and closeness to nature makes Robert Reznizak an indispensable and inspiring member of our team.


Characteristics that the TEAM ASPECTS TO HIM

Poker face



strategic thinker

Combination talent





Good to know:

A dynamic tour de force at Ascensus, Philipp Becker combines tireless dedication to his job with a penchant for fast cars and family values.

Philipp Becker, the beating heart of Ascensus, is a dynamic all-rounder whose passion for work and life is infectious. With his penchant for cars, he embodies dynamism and ambition, while having big dreams for the future. He skillfully balances between marketing and consulting, where he shines with strategic acumen. In the office, his cat Kiwi provides cheerful moments, and in his private life he is lovingly planning his wedding. He spends his weekends traveling to visit customers and family, which underlines his dedication and down-to-earth attitude. Philipp Becker, is a model of commitment and versatility at Ascensus Consulting.

Additional qualifications:

Characteristics that the TEAM ASPECTS TO HIM




entrepreneural spirit

to the point-Bringer




Mood lifter

Philipp Becker


Marketing 100%
Hotel management 80%
Food / Beverage 90%
Personnel management 78%
Finances 85%
Strategie 87%
Design 90%
Creativity 91%
Website 92%


Marketing 100%
Design 85%
Creativity 90%
Website & SEO 92%
Adaptability 98%
Food / Beverage 87%
Hotel management 80%
Finances 97%

Good to know:

As a creative strategist at Ascensus, Sven Kornberger impresses with his marketing skills and a green thumb that brings growth to the office.

Sven Kornberger, the creative strategist with a green heart at Ascensus Beratung, impresses with his talent in marketing and his love of plants. His green thumb in the office is more than a hobby, it reflects his creative and caring nature. He is determined, focused and his dry sense of humor conceals a personality full of wit and charm. As an athlete, he shows discipline and strength, qualities that he also brings to his professional work. Shortly before completing his MBA, Sven Kornberger symbolizes commitment and continuous self-development. His humor and charisma make him an indispensable member of the Ascensus team.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 90%
Additional qualifications:

Characteristics that the TEAM ASPECTS TO HIM


persistent determined



lateral thinking




Christopher Appel

Good to know:

Known at Ascensus for his empathetic customer service and cultural passion, Christopher Appel combines expertise with heart.

Christopher Appel, a mainstay of Ascensus Consulting, combines professional expertise with personal warmth. As an empathetic consultant and interim manager, he always puts the needs of his clients first. His taste in music enriches office life, while his Master of Management and Law degree shows his passion for knowledge. At the weekend, Christopher Appel transforms into a culture-loving family man who enjoys life to the full, be it in the vineyards in the Ahr valley or on cultural trips. His versatile personality makes him an irreplaceable member of our team.

Master Law & Management
Master Law & Management 50%
Additional qualifications:

Characteristics that the TEAM ASPECTS TO HIM

People Pleaser







good mood person

Christopher Appel

Christopher Appel

Hotel management 98%
Food / Beverage 81%
Personnel management 82%
Finances 91%
Strategie 93%
Controlling 92%
Revenue Management 97%
Antonia Nau Schweder


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