Advertising - Reach your goal even faster

As a service company with expertise in the placement and optimization of advertising in the B2C and B2B sectors, Ascensus offers you a comprehensive solution. Our aim is to position your brand, product or service where it will have the greatest impact. Advertising helps you reach your goals faster.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can reach potential customers exactly when they are searching for your product or service. Whether search or display network, we optimize your campaigns for maximum visibility and conversion.

Meta Ads

Our customized social media ads on Facebook and Instagram allow you to connect emotionally with your target group, encourage interaction and increase sales.


LinkedIn is the mecca for B2B advertising. With targeted ads, you can reach decision-makers and influence purchasing decisions. The right address to reach targeted business customers and generate leads.

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Ads enables brands to advertise their products directly on Amazon. With a variety of ad formats, companies can reach potential buyers at the exact moment of purchase. Maximize your return on investment

Campaign management

One of the key aspects of our service offering is efficient campaign management. Our experts not only place your ads online, but also monitor and optimize them in real time. What does that mean for you?

Kampagnensteuerung Werbung
Kampagnensteuerung mit Werbung ans Ziel

Goal-oriented: We set clear goals for each campaign and manage them accordingly to achieve optimal results.

Analytical monitoring: With the help of advanced analytical tools, we constantly monitor the performance of your advertising. This enables us to react quickly to trends and make adjustments.

Analytische Überwachung Werbung
Budget-Optimierung Werbung

Budget optimization: We ensure that your advertising budget is used efficiently. Our algorithms dynamically allocate the budget to the best-performing platforms and ad formats.

A/B tests: In order to always find the best version of your ad, we carry out continuous A/B tests.

A/B-Test Werbung

Real-time adaptation: In an ever-changing digital landscape, speed is of the essence. Our campaign management adapts to changes in real time to always achieve the best results

Integrated marketing
with the Ascensus Agency

The landscape of marketing is multi-faceted and constantly changing. For many companies, it can be challenging to keep up with current trends while ensuring cohesive and effective marketing. This is exactly where Ascensus comes in as a marketing agency.

As a holistic marketing provider, we have the expertise, versatility and resources to support companies in their marketing efforts. While large clients often seek specific one-off solutions tailored to their complex and diversified needs, we see a clear trend among small and medium-sized companies to outsource their entire marketing.

For many of these smaller companies, working with us as a complete package offers enormous advantages:

By bundling marketing tasks, synergies can be utilized and resources deployed more effectively.

A single point of contact ensures consistent branding and a coherent communication strategy.

Smaller companies can concentrate on their core business while we take care of the entire marketing portfolio.

With a complete package, companies benefit from our broad knowledge in all areas of marketing, from traditional advertising to digital marketing.

Large companies, on the other hand, are often looking for specialized solutions to supplement existing systems or overcome specific challenges. Our flexibility enables us to meet these individual requirements.