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Interim management by Ascensus

Welcome to Ascensus' specialist area for interim management in the hotel industry. In dynamic times of change and specific industry challenges, we not only provide you with consulting expertise, but also immediate support from experienced temporary managers. Our specialized interim managers provide rapid relief, implement necessary changes and ensure the continuous management of your business. Whether you need to overcome short-term management bottlenecks, manage extensive restructuring or temporarily integrate industry-specific expertise into your company - our interim management for the hotel industry is designed to be flexible and effective. With strategic clarity and operational precision, our experts will navigate your hotel or hospitality facility through each transition phase to lay the foundation for your continued growth and long-term success.

Back the right horse

With interim management, hoteliers rely on experienced managers who bring a fresh perspective and targeted expertise to deliver fast, effective temporary solutions – a smart choice for sustainable success.

Experience and expertise

Rely on the experience of Ascensus. We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and many years of management expertise, guaranteeing you that every challenge will be mastered with proven competence during the interim.

Agility and adaptability

Ascensus is like a chameleon - adaptable and flexible. We respond to your needs with agility and ensure that you are always one step ahead in a constantly changing business world.

Strategic vision

With strategic foresight, Ascensus acts like a chess master who plans ahead and strengthens your position. We rely on smart moves in interim management to ensure your company's long-term success.

Sustainable results

Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. Ascensus plants the seeds for long-term growth and stability in your company through targeted interim management that takes root and bears fruit.

Bundled expertise -
Your added value through our networked interim management

When you opt for interim management specifically for the hotel industry with Ascensus, you not only receive the expertise of a single manager, but also benefit from the accumulated knowledge and experience of our entire team. Each of our interim managers is closely connected to our network and can access the resources and expertise of the entire company if required. In this way, we guarantee that your company receives the best possible support in every phase of the collaboration – as if you were hiring a complete team of consultants, not just a single expert.

We do not rely on lone fighters

Interim management explained simply

Interim management refers to the temporary filling of management positions in companies by external experts. These experienced managers are hired for a fixed period of time to bridge vacancies, provide support for projects or impart special knowledge that is not available internally. It is a flexible and fast solution for companies to be able to react to changes or challenges.

Interim management is used in a variety of scenarios within the hotel industry, especially in times of upheaval or specific challenges. This includes the bridging of management positions in the event of short-term absences, support in the execution and implementation of new processes and strategies, management during phases of intensive growth, mergers or takeovers as well as the management and support of restructuring and reorganization processes. By selecting Ascensus for your interim management, you gain access to the combined expertise and experience of our team, enabling your organization to navigate seamlessly and efficiently through each phase of change.

Interim management offers numerous advantages, especially in the hotel industry, including its remarkable flexibility and effectiveness. Interim managers are available immediately and bring with them extensive experience from a wide range of areas in the hotel industry and beyond. This broad expertise enables them to contribute fresh ideas and adapt proven methods. Interim management is also a cost-effective solution, as it involves temporary assignments, thus avoiding long-term salary commitments.

Although both roles can take on advisory functions, the main difference lies in the way they are integrated into the company. A management consultant analyzes problems and proposes solutions, but is usually not involved in the implementation. An interim manager, on the other hand, becomes part of the company and is actively involved in daily operations and the implementation of strategic initiatives. They bear direct responsibility for results and their sustainability within the company.

The collaboration begins with the definition of the tasks and objectives as well as the duration of the assignment. After a comprehensive selection of suitable candidates who fit the company both professionally and personally, they are integrated into the company. During the assignment, the interim manager works closely with the existing management to achieve goals and transfer knowledge. Once the project has been completed, it is handed over to a permanent member of the company to ensure the sustainability of the implemented solutions.

Yes, Ascensus not only offers short-term interim management solutions, but also provides experienced interim managers for long-term projects. This offer is aimed in particular at companies that require continuous and sustainable support from a qualified manager in order to pursue long-term goals or manage extensive change processes. Even in the long-term solution, companies benefit not only from the interim manager but also from our entire team.

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