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Here you are at the right address for a new website, an e-commerce store or an optimization of your existing site through SEO optimization!

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Website Erstellung durch Ascensus

Website - Be present online

We make your company visible online. In combination with our SEO services, you will become a local hero.

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SEO optimization

Expand and improve your company's existing presence.

E-Commerce Onlineshop erstellen lassen

Online store -

Are you ready to offer your products online to a wide audience? We support you in setting up your own online store.

A new website

Your professional online presence

Do not mindlessly buy a ready-made page

Kopflos bucen

We understand that the idea of simply buying a ready-made website may seem tempting at first glance. Quick availability – issue resolved.

But before you act without thinking, we’d like to give you a few reasons why it’s better to opt for customized solutions:

The list could go on and on. Ascensus creates every website in close cooperation with you. This ensures that you can incorporate your industry knowledge into the website and that we prepare and integrate the content in an appealing way for your customers.

Websites for different industries

Whether a website for a hotel, a restaurant, a trade or industry. We design the page you want, according to your taste. One-pager or multisite websites, we are happy to advise you individually and always take into account the goals you are pursuing with your website.
Website Beispiel Hotellerie
Sophisticated hotel website
Website für Ihr Sportstudio
Website for the gym
Website für Architektur
Website architectural office
Webseiten fürs Handwerk
Website for skilled trades
Website für Arztpraxen und Sanitätshäuser sowie andere Medizinische Einrichtungen
Websites for the trade

SEO - Search engine optimization

What your site needs as a minimum:

SEO Optimierungspunkte

What is SEO?

SEO – from the English Search Engine Optimization“, refers to search engine optimization. This is not a search engine improvement, but your website is adapted for search engines in such a way that search engines can find or read it as easily as possible. This means that the most commonly used search engines such as Google or Bing will rank your page – provided the content is appropriate – higher than pages that are not readable.

What needs to be done?

One-page and off-page factors play a role in ensuring that your page is ranked as highly as possible.

Onpage factors are all factors that are directly related to your website. This includes the structure of your website, the technical conditions such as speed as well as content aspects such as texts and certain keywords.

Offpage factors include all factors that happen outside your site. This includes how often someone searches for you or a specific term and how often you are mentioned by others on the Internet, for example.

When does SEO optimization make sense?

SEO optimization always makes sense when you notice:

  • You get fewer customers via your website. You are no longer on page 1 of Google.
  • You want to strengthen your regional or international position by getting more clicks on your website.
  • You want to make a new service/product more visible.
Your way to your own online store

E-commerce - contemporary selling

Today, the Internet is not only a source of information, but also a growing marketplace. Nevertheless, many companies are reluctant to open their own online store. Too complicated, too expensive, too time-consuming? With our help, the realization of your online store will be child’s play!

Customer problems that we solve

No idea about programming? No problem! We offer a user-friendly platform that requires no prior knowledge and allows you to manage your store yourself.

An appealing and user-friendly design is essential. We create a customized layout that will delight your customers.

Unsure about setting up payment methods or shipping options? We integrate your desired payment methods into your store as well as your shipping options.

An online store is only as good as its visibility. Our experts ensure that you are found in search engines.

Our experts know the legal requirements and ensure that your store complies with them.


Customized solutions in marketing

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