Hotel consulting:
Your key to a successful hotel business

Why hotel consulting from Ascensus?

The hotel industry is a multifaceted sector in which it is important to always be one step ahead. Ascensus offers you customized solutions in the field of hotel consulting to strengthen your market position, increase your operational efficiency and create an unforgettable experience for your guests

Why hotel consulting in general?

The hotel industry is facing numerous challenges: changing guest expectations, technological developments and intense competition. Our consulting services provide you with practical and proven strategies for effectively mastering these challenges.

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Hotelberatung der Schlüssel zu Ihem Erfolg

with the key to success

Focal points

Optimize your pricing strategies and maximize revenue through efficient room and capacity management.

We identify potential for improvement in your operating processes and offer solutions to increase efficiency.

Keep your finger on the pulse and use current market trends to your advantage.

From reception to departure, we help you perfect every aspect of the guest experience.

Always the right document at hand

Our consulting services often include the drafting of documents. Whether for new projects or existing operations. Our elaborations serve you for an initial assessment, for your business plan or as an independent document for the approval of a loan as well as for banks and investors.

Gastronomie Beratung mit kulinarischen Spezialitäten überzeugen

Food & Beverage Management

An empty restaurant? That doesn’t have to be the case!

You can find our Food & Beverage services in the area of gastronomy consulting

Who benefits from hotel consulting?

Hotels of any kind

Professional hotel consulting sharpens your eye for detail, optimizes operational processes and opens up new paths to excellent service - for a hospitality experience that sets standards.


Your guests

Hotel consulting refines every detail of your stay, from more comfortable rooms to exquisite service, so that every overnight stay is an unforgettable experience.


Cities & municipalities

Targeted hotel consulting can help cities and communities boost the local economy and strengthen tourism - for a vibrant community and thriving business community.

Cities and municipalities

Banks & Investors

Hotel consulting provides banks and investors with sound insights and analyses to ensure the viability of projects and achieve sustainable returns in the dynamic hospitality market.

Banks and Investors

Hotels that currently benefit from our services

Full service hotel

Full-service hotels are hotels that offer their guests a full range of catering services in addition to accommodation, usually through their own restaurant.

Hotel garni

Hotel garni is the name given to hotels that offer their guests breakfast as well as accommodation.

Frequently asked questions from our customers about hotel consulting

The costs for hotel consulting vary depending on the scope of the project and the duration of the consultation. In our free initial consultation, we will find out together how we can solve your problem and what scope of advice is appropriate. to. Book your free initial consultation directly.

Yes, Ascensus Hotelberatung offers its services throughout Germany and also extends its expertise to German-speaking countries, including Austria and Switzerland. If required, we can also provide advice in English at an international level. Our aim is to support hotels and hotel projects across geographical borders and to help them achieve sustainable success. No matter where your hotel project is located, we are at your side with our expertise.

A hotel is generally considered profitable if it generates more revenue than costs and has a financial surplus after deduction of all taxes. This simple formula for profitability is at the core of any successful business, including the hotel industry. To ensure that your hotel not only reaches this threshold, but exceeds it, we offer a comprehensive review of your key business figures as part of our hotel consulting services. We use both company comparisons to evaluate your position in the market and an individual analysis of your company. This dual approach enables us to identify your hotel’s specific potential and challenges and develop customized strategies for sustainable success and increased profitability.

Hotel consulting makes sense over different periods of time, depending on the specific goals and needs of your hotel business. In general, hotel consultations can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Short-term consulting: This is typically focused on specific projects or acute challenges and can last from a few weeks to a few months. Examples of this include support for the opening of a new hotel, the revision of marketing or the introduction of new technologies.

  2. Medium-term consulting: This extends over several months to a year and is often aimed at supporting more comprehensive strategic changes. This can include repositioning the hotel on the market, improving operational processes or training staff.

  3. Long-term consulting: This goes beyond one year and involves an ongoing partnership with the aim of continuously improving and adapting the hotel. Long-term consulting is particularly suitable for hotels that operate in a dynamic market environment or have long-term development plans.

Regardless of the time frame, it is crucial that the consultation is tailored to the individual goals and needs of your hotel. Effective hotel consulting begins with a thorough analysis of the current situation and a clear definition of the desired goals. Based on this, a customized consulting plan can be developed that takes into account the optimal time frame for your specific requirements.

To get the maximum benefit from hotel consulting, it is advisable to regularly evaluate progress and adjust the consulting objectives if necessary. This ensures that the advice always remains relevant and valuable for your hotel business.

Professional hotel consulting with the Ascensus team of experts

Our hotel consultants at Ascensus have many years of experience in all areas of the hotel industry, from family businesses to large corporations. With academic training complemented by practical experience and leadership skills from previous positions in the industry, they are ideally equipped to drive your hotel business forward.

Get to know our team of experts and use our comprehensive expertise to make your hotel a success. Contact us today for customized consulting services tailored to your exact needs.