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Social media has been an integral part of your guests’ and customers’ daily lives for years.
This is exactly why social media marketing should be given equal importance in your business.
We build your professional social media presence and manage your channels. Coupled with the experience of our consultants, this results in the perfect synergy for the advancement of your company – ASCENSUS

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We take over the work

The advantages of social media marketing

How does it help you grow?

Formation of new target groups

Social media allows you to reach globally networked communities, broaden your horizons and continuously tap into new, relevant target groups for your company.

Exchange with your followers

Use direct communication with your followers to understand their needs. This creates a basis of trust for long-term customer relationships.

Social Media

Building your brand image

With concise content, you present your brand authentically and actively shape your image. Consistent messages strengthen your brand awareness and trust.

Increasing awareness

Viral effects and targeted sharing allow you to reach exponentially more people than before. Every post you share actively and continuously increases your reach and brand presence.

Bonding through interaction

Real-time responses to comments and questions strengthen the bond with your target group. Interactive content increases engagement and brand loyalty.

Direct feedback for innovations

Product launch or service update? Receive immediate feedback and use this direct feedback to continuously optimize your offer.

Increase in loyalty

Loyalty comes from closeness. Through constant exchange and valuable content, you can turn one-time buyers into satisfied and loyal brand ambassadors.

Take advantage of proven offer packages

Our standards

Benefit from proven social media marketing solutions and rely entirely on our experience. If you are looking for a simple and fast solution, our packages are exactly what you need for the success of your business.

Beginner package

Einstieg ins Social Media Marketing
  • Refresh your channels
  • 2 social media posts per week
  • Use of your image material
  • Communication with customers
  • One year term

Top package

Social Media Marketing Turbo
  • Setup/Optimization.
  • Instagram & Facebook
  • 3 posts per week
  • Use of your image material
  • Communication with customers
  • One year term
  • Quarterly reports
Best Seller

All-round package

Social Media Marketing für etablierte Marken
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Additional desired channel *
  • 3 social media posts / week
  • Use of your image material
  • Communication with customers
  • Monthly reporting
  • Campaign consulting
  • Management of your social ads

* For video channels, the material must be provided or additionally produced.

Individual needs - individual solutions

We are also happy to offer our services as an individual service or take on the consulting and controlling part of your social media marketing.

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Questions that
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While we take over the work of marketing your company, you can concentrate on your core business and earn money.

In addition, your social media marketing will be executed by business consultants who will bring their expertise from the companies we support to your presence. So we don’t just post, we reach your target group.

Social media is an extremely valuable addition to your business, even if you already have guests. Here are some reasons why you should consider social media marketing:

  1. Reachability: Social media allows you to reach a wider audience and engage with potential guests who would be harder to reach in other ways.

  2. Customer loyalty: Social media helps you to retain existing guests and build a closer relationship with them by communicating with them regularly.

  3. Visibility: By being active on social media, you can increase the visibility of your company and ensure that it remains present in people’s minds.

  4. Customer reviews and recommendations: Positive reviews on social media can convince potential guests to try out your business and promote trust.

  5. Competitiveness: To remain competitive, it is important to be present on social media and ensure that your company is not overlooked.

  6. Addressing target groups: With social media, you can target your message to your target group and use resources more efficiently.

To help you answer this question specifically for your business, we first need to look at your target audience and get to know your business.

However, it is important to note that despite the constant development and trends of new generations, the focus must be set individually for each company.

Do you always give your guests the best seats?

Your company deserves that too!