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Consulting for the hotel & catering industry

Consulting - Advice. Our consulting area for hotels and restaurants. In an industry that is subject to constant change and high competition, it is essential to constantly optimize operations and keep them up to date. Our expertise focuses in particular on the individual requirements and challenges of the hotel and catering industry. But our advice goes even deeper. Discover with us how we can lead your company into the future!

Opportunities that consulting opens up for you

Ascensus offers comprehensive consulting services for companies in the hotel, gastronomy & tourism sector. We see ourselves as navigators in the world of business, steering your company safely through complex market challenges. With an in-depth understanding of business processes and market trends, we offer customized solutions.

Recognizing and exploiting new market opportunities

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Competitive advantages through innovative strategies

Increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Strengthening the corporate culture and brand image

Ensuring compliance and legal requirements

Improving customer loyalty and opening up new customer segments


Frequently asked questions

Our consulting approaches are highly individualized. We first analyze the specific challenges facing your company and then develop tailor-made solutions that are precisely aligned with your goals.

The success of our consulting services is measured using clearly defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which we determine together with you. These can be financial results, improvements in processes or the achievement of strategic milestones.

Our consulting services focus on the hotel, catering and tourism industries. Our team has industry-specific knowledge to ensure that our advice is tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in our marketing services, we offer them regardless of industry.

Yes, in addition to project-related consulting, we also offer long-term support to ensure sustainable development and support for your company.

The costs depend on the scope and complexity of the consulting project. After a free initial consultation or an initial analysis, we prepare an individual offer that transparently sets out the consulting fees incurred.